Presenting “#OccupyFacebook” at NCHC 2012

NCHC #OccupyFacebook Presentation

This week, I had the honor of being taken to Boston, MA for in order to give a presentation on social networking best practices, specifically as they relate to Honors Colleges and Honors Programs.

Through the presentation attempted the address social networking globally, without focus on any particular site, as the title suggests it was a little skewed toward Facebook, with which I am most familiar.

I submitted my abstract for the presentation after observing how poorly social networking resources tend to be utilized by various organizations around campus. Having worked for the UTSA Honors College, in part to facilitate social networking; managed social networking for various student organizations on campus; and spearheading a social-media-heavy, campus-wide Presidential and Vice Presidential campaign for Student Government, I felt I was qualified to make some suggestions on how best to use these powerful tools.

Given the topic of conversation in this presentation, I wanted to do something unique that showed the power and versatility of social networks. I ran the session’s question and answer segment by taking questions from a live Twitter feed. Anyone with questions tweeted them with the #OccupyFacebook hashtag and at the end of the session questions were answered in the order they were tweeted.

Below is a copy of the presentation, as shown at the conference: