Conference Presentations

National Collegiate Honors Council 2012

(Nov. 2012 — Boston, MA)

Occupy Facebook (and Other Social Networks)

This trip to present at the annual NCHC conference was sponsored by the UTSA Honors College, and was a chance for me to share my observations in how University Honors Colleges and Programs tend to use social networks, and how this can be improved by some simple steps. Below is the Prezi that was used at the conference.

Following the presentation, a live Twitter feed was used to answer questions asked by participants during the presentation. The reason for this unique medium was two-fold. First, it was a convenient was to allow participants to ask questions as soon as they thought of them, rather than having to hold them until the end of the presentation. Second, it provided a real-life example of how the participants could integrate their social media into regular events held by their College or Program.

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